Bradenton FL Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment Core Physical Therapy Launched

Natural Healing Arts Medical of Bradenton, FL has just updated its physical therapy service. It uses chiropractic techniques to treat and strengthen a patient’s core, easing their back pain.

Bradenton, FL-based Natural Healing Arts Medical announces the launch of its updated physical therapy services. This offering aims to alleviate back pain by strengthening a patient’s core abdominal section.

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The updated service helps people recover their mobility and flexibility by using chiropractic, an all-natural and non-invasive procedure. Unlike other traditional treatment modalities, chiropractic uses manual manipulation of the joints, bones, and muscles of the mid-section.

Studies show that about 65 million Americans suffer from some form of back pain, representing roughly a quarter of the total population. Natural Healing Arts Medical highlights that even minor back pain severely hampers movement and lowers quality of life, hence the need for effective alternative therapies.

The practice works closely with patients to understand their health history, enabling it to create the best treatment plan. All patients are treated by experienced chiropractors who have helped hundreds of patients recover from back pain and other aches.

Chiropractic treatment is especially suitable for musculoskeletal issues because misalignments in the midsection often cause lingering back pain. As it goes to the root of the problem, patients often experience a drastic reduction in discomfort after a few chiropractic sessions.

Because the treatment does not involve surgery or other invasive procedures, patients do not need a long recovery period. And since it is all-natural, it is suitable for a wide variety of patients, including pregnant women or seniors dealing with back pain.

Undergoing physical therapy does not only treat the underlying causes of pain, it also strengthens the core which prevents further injuries and aches. The clinic also prescribes preventative exercises to ensure the patient’s long-term health.

Natural Healing Arts Medical is a practice that specializes in providing alternative therapies to patients in the Manatee County area. It provides treatment for a wide variety of issues, including knee pain, posture issues, and persistent migraines.

A spokesperson says: “Chiropractic can be a crucial part of physical therapy, especially with regards to back pain. We invite everyone who suffers from this condition to visit our clinic to experience the difference that chiropractic makes.”

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