Brad Stephens Cyril Gupta 2016 ClickMSG Facebook Messaging Software Announced

Online marketing experts Brad Stephens and Cyril Gupta announced ClickMSG, a software designed to facilitate client-business interaction via Facebook. The software enables businesses to send personalized messages, images, videos, discounts, surveys and more to potential clients, thereby increasing their market reach, brand awareness and trust.

Digital marketing experts Brad Stephens and Cyril Gupta announced ClickMSG, a software designed to create and send customized Facebook messages to potential clients.

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Internet marketing has become increasingly important for business success, as more and more people turn to the internet in search for both online and offline businesses. Studies show that up to three quarters of clients depend on social media to guide their buying choices, with 39% of Facebook users liking brand and business pages so they can research different products.

Brand awareness is therefore essential, and establishing trust is crucial. Almost 90% of digital marketers consider building trust will become the most important internet marketing objective in the near future.

One of the most important trust-building strategies is establishing direct, personalized contact. Since Facebook is currently the largest social media platform, Facebook messaging is a powerful way to connect with a large market of potential clients.

ClickMSG is a messaging software aimed to facilitate Facebook message customization and distribution. The main challenge business owners face when building personalized, automated messages for Facebook campaigns is that such an endeavor usually requires certain technical programming and coding knowledge.

ClickMSG requires no programming on the part of its users, and it is completely compatible with all Facebook platforms. The software allows its users to create custom messages and send them to potential clients as soon as the respective clients click on a Facebook ad. ClickMSG also enables users to send images and videos, as well as coupons, calls to actions and sales pitches. Other features include surveys, short questions, and polling.

ClickMSG will be officially launched on January 6. Free life-time accounts are offered to the 15 best responses on the benefits provided by Click MSG – the response form can be found at

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