Brad Boyum Releases Video Channel To Share Common Omaha Estate Planning Mistakes

Omaha probate lawyer launches YouTube video channel as a resource for Nebraska families to learn common mistakes or omissions which could cost them thousands of dollars or cause them to lose their assets. To learn more visit: or call (402) 802-9441.

Brad Boyum, experienced Omaha Probate Lawyer and owner of Boyum Law Firm, plans to share insightful information via new video channel on YouTube. The upcoming videos will feature common mistakes which can cost Omaha families thousands of dollars from poor estate planning.

Thanks to this new Probate and Estate Planning YouTube channel, families can understand the importance of planning for their future by setting up trusts, advance directives, Medicaid planning and more. An estate plan can help reduce, and in some cases, eliminate estate taxes. For families dealing with a probate case, common mistakes can be avoided by working with an experienced Probate Lawyer who knows how to protect the family legacy.

“Estate planning is not just for the wealthy,” says Boyum. An estate plan not only helps individuals control how their assets are distributed when they pass away, estate plans can also include health care directives which protect an individual’s wishes should they become ill or develop loss of capacity.

See the YouTube Channel here: or call this number for more information: (402) 802-9441.

When facing a family death, families often have many unanswered questions regarding the probate process. Simple mistakes during the administration of an estate can costs thousands of dollars which could be avoided with proper planning or expert representation. Brad Boyum is an experienced probate lawyer in the state of Nebraska committed to protecting Omaha families from these costly mistakes and provide peace of mind during the process.

Nebraska families can learn how to protect against unfair and unclear illegal taxes or penalties. This YouTube channel will serve as one of the resources Boyum Law makes available to educate families during a time of need. For families not yet in a probate case, they can learn simple estate planning tips such as what types of documents individuals need in order to protect their estate. Questions about probate or estate planning can be answered though a free consultation with Brad Boyum by calling: (402) 802-9441

While no state requires the use of a probate lawyer, probate process can be complicated, and the family of the loved one is personally liable if something is to go wrong. One minor omission, even one failure to send a copy of the petition, or a missed deadline could cause the whole process to come to a grinding halt.

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