Brad Blosser’s No Bull SEO – Portland, OR SEO Consultants with a serving heart!

Brad Blosser is Launching a new Search Engine Optimization and Web Design Consulting Group. Their goal is to become known as a regional one stop shop for Digital marketers as well as the typical brick and mortar small business owner.

Brad, The Senior Consultant and founder is proud to announce the launch of Brad Blosser’s No Bull SEO.
He says the reason for the name they chose for the organization and their website is a simple one.
“We were in the Life Insurance industry for a long time and spent so much time working on trying to improve SEO and getting our name in the marketplace and be seen through the forest of the big boys. It was a nightmare trying to find information that was valid without spending a lot of time.
Aside from a loyal customer base (of course,) time is the most valued commodity of any business owner, especially the small to medium sized business owner. The average small business owner is wearing so many hats, especially in this tough extremely competitive economy they need the Best SEO online marketing Consultant near Portland Oregon that they can find.“

Let the SEO guy spend his day confidently working on the ranking stuff it’s what he does, you focus on what you love most, your family and your business and your hobbies. Brad says it’s why he opened the business in SEO in the first place, because he knows how much time it takes to learn let alone implement and get yourself ranking at the top.
Most small to medium business owners don’t have time to go through a myriad of research techniques to find out what the best keyword is for their niche market let alone how to implement it. They know who their customer is. What they buy. What they like. How many times they’ve shopped with them.

If the Business owner is especially savvy, he knows his customer’s family and all their names and birthdays and sends them a card every year for Christmas and Birthdays.

However, they might not know that the Baby Boomer generation is the fastest growing Mobile savvy marketing segment behind the Generation X crowd. The small or even medium business owner may not know that as of 2015, mobile searches over shadowed searches from the PC. They might also not be aware that 75% of those that search on a mobile platform, like a smart phone or tablet also purchase on their smart phone rather than going to the desktop or laptop.
That kind of lack of knowledge can severely hurt a business, losing customers to the competition and inevitably losing their business. It is a passion of ours to help every small and medium business owner that we possibly can to keep that from happening.

One of the things which Brad wants to implement in the launching of this SEO and Online Marketing Consultation, is giving back to the Pacific Northwest where they’re based.
When asked, what makes his group unique compared to the ton of other SEO consultants in the industry, both locally and nationally… Brad responded “One of the things that we want to bring to the industry is our local ‘small guy’ appeal to the local business owner but we have ‘connections if you will all over the globe.
We not only have a local homegrown presence in the Portland/Vancouver area, but we have a regional presence from Seattle, WA down to San Francisco on the California Coast as well.

The group has been blessed to develop working relationships with some of the best and brightest minds in SEO, Digital Marketing and Blogging from Arizona, Texas, Toronto Canada and even Australia and Great Britain.
Not only has this placed the organization at a position of strength to help our SEO clients, but also to help us begin and grow a project near to their hearts.

“We have networked with a variety of outreach programs all over the nation with a program designed to help single parent families and returning Vets who are having trouble finding work. As we grow we want to implement our different skills and strengths to help them develop their own online business and help them grow in their preferred marketplace.
“ As the company grows, their second major passion is to work with local and State unemployment offices and Community Colleges to hire and train people that are unemployed who show promise and want to work hard to provide for their families.”

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