Boys and Girls Hairstyles YouTube Channel Now Accepting Requests

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The Boys And Girls Hairstyles YouTube Channel is proud to announce due to public demand they are now taking requests on what styles to feature.

Popular How-To channel is giving viewers the chance to learn everything they always wanted to know about hairstyling, and visits are pouring in!

Nephi, UT: For more than 5 years, Boys and Girls Hairstyles website has attracted a huge fanbase, and it only continues to be grow. Being first a website, but soon moving into YouTube for greater exposure, their team has proven the value of providing relevant and really useful information in a truly engaging manner. Their most recent stats speak for themselves.

What started as simple yet effective tutorials on how to get ideas for hairstyles, is now the go-to YouTube Channel for those who want to improve their skills as beauticians. Be it because they are just starting their career as coiffeurs, or just want to learn how to style their own hair at home, hundreds of viewers are subscribing to Boys and Girls Hairstyles every day.

This might be caused by the simplicity of their videos and the easy-to-understand language used by RaDona, the channel owner and main lead. Instead of focusing on high quality video and heavy edition, RaDona focuses on key concepts and preemptively answering frequently asked questions.

Given the popularity hike and the increasing levels of audience engagement, RaDona is now taking requests from her audience. This has given the Channel even more traffic flow and has taken their tutorials to a new level. It is a great example of how to really connect with a specific audience by using sheer talent and charisma.

About Boys and Girls Hairstyles:

It is a website that started in 2012 as a way of sharing RaDona´s talent as a coiffeuse to the world. It gradually grew to be an extremely popular hairdressing channel with more than 80 thousand subscriptions and 34 million views all over the world.

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