Boynton Beach Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Custom Cabinets Showroom Opened

Woodland Construction and Remodeling, a kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor based in Boynton Beach, Florida, available at 561-771-1311, opened a new showroom to showcase their custom cabinetry and state-of-the-art kitchen and bathroom woodwork. The company provides turnkey kitchens and bathrooms for commercial and residential clients.

Woodland Construction and Remodeling, a Boynton Beach, Florida kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor, announced the opening of a new showroom showcasing a wide range of custom cabinets and other high-quality woodwork. The company specializes in custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling, offering turnkey solutions for commercial and residential clients.

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Kitchens have long been the social center of any house, as families would gather there to eat, socialize and celebrate important events. While recent years have seen a slight move away from this trend, kitchens are increasingly being incorporated into living rooms in an interesting and innovative effort of combining practical and aesthetic elements.

Woodland Construction and Remodeling is a professional Boynton Beach contractor specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. The company has recently opened a new showroom, showcasing a wide range of custom quality woodwork for various interior spaces.

The company strives to provide turnkey solutions for both commercial and residential clients, working closely with architects, interior designers and contractors in an effort to create high-quality remodeling projects that fit the client’s’ needs and preferences.

Woodland Construction and Remodeling offers floor-to-ceiling kitchen upgrades, remodeling, re-designing, high end cabinetry, floors and everything else that requires upgrading. The company works closely with each client to provide a satisfying services on time and on budget.

The company also offers custom kitchens and baths cabinetry, working with licensed and certified professionals to create high-end cabinets that fit both commercial and residential of all styles, models, sizes and architectural designs. The company uses high-quality materials and proprietary construction methods to ensure that all cabinets last long and fit into the overall atmosphere of the clients’ spaces.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website or just stop into the open showroom at the corner of Boynton Beach Blvd. and Congress Ave.

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