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Florida-based Restore Our Home, Mold Remediation (561-944-7732), updated its services to offer complimentary mold inspections to residents of Boynton Beach. They also serve the Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, and Lake Worth areas.

Because of its pervasive humidity, Boynton Beach, Florida, is known for its vulnerability to household mold infestations. Many times, out-of-control mold displaces residents from their homes. The local experts at Restore Our Home, Mold Remediation are helping residents prevent the spread of mold in their homes by offering complimentary inspections.

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Mold produces spores which release mycotoxins that can block or deplete antioxidants in humans. When this happens, it hastens conditions such as autoimmune disease and cancer. It can cause respiratory illness, and sometimes, death. Residents in Boynton Beach concerned they may have mold in their homes can now contact Restore Our Home, Mold Remediation for a no-cost inspection.

Mold thrives on humidity, a natural condition in South Florida. It develops from leaks in windows, broken pipes, old roofing, drainage systems, and even improperly maintained air conditioning units.

When mold occurs in the home, it can be difficult to locate until it’s too late. Studies show that residents with mold in their homes may begin to feel ill but will feel better when they’ve left their homes. As this dynamic continues, mold spores eventually settle in their sinuses, making them sick enough to be taken to the hospital.

Doctors say patients exposed to mold complain of allergy or asthma-like symptoms, fatigue, sore throats, runny eyes or a cold that doesn’t go away. Treatments include a nasal atomizer and anti-fungal medicines, but the primary treatment all doctors recommend is to remove the patient from the home so the experts can remove the mold.

When mold settles in the home, removal and remediation are imperative. Symptoms of mold Boynton Beach residents can look out for including an earthy unpleasant smell, discolored walls or carpets, and foggy windows.

When the technicians at Restore Our Home detect mold in a home, their first line of action is to fix the cause. Then they isolate contaminated areas, remove and clean materials using a Level 1 and Level 2 process, and discard wet and moldy materials.

As well as Boynton Beach, Florida, Restore Our Home, Mold Remediation serves the Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, and Lake Worth Florida areas. With their recently updated services, residents can get the inspections they need to prevent problem mold and associated health hazards.

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