Bournemouth Retirement Apartments Independent Living Homes Update Announced

Hotel Bristowe, also known as The Bristowe Retirement Apartments, a Bournemouth independent living retirement facility, announced a wide range of amenities including indoor, outdoor and social events. The hotel provides professional cleaning and cooking services, as well recreational and social festivities for special events.

Hotel Bristowe, also known as The Bristowe Retirement Apartments, an independent living retirement apartment complex based in Bournemouth, updated its services to include a wide range of indoor, outdoor and social amenities.

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Retirement apartments have grown in popularity over the years, as more and more senior citizens are looking for independent living conditions without the additional effort of daily household chores, maintenance and other time-consuming activities.

Hotel Bristowe is a Bournemouth independent living retirement community with a long history of providing high-quality services to senior citizens.

The family-owned hotel recently updated its services to include a variety of indoor, outdoor and social facilities for its residents.

Hotel Bristowe provides its residents with carefully designed landscaped gardens and green spaces. The professionally-designed outdoor spaces provide Hotel Bristowe residents with the possibility to spend quality time in a pleasant atmosphere, and the natural attractions offered by the proximity to the beach offer possibilities for more outdoor activities.

Residents will also benefit from having all household cleaning and cooking catered for professionally. This contributes to increased leisure time dedicated to fulfilling, pleasant activities.

The hotel is a family-owned business, with the owners living on-site 24/7. They are available for immediate assistance with all potential issues.

Hotel Bristowe has a long history as a top retirement apartments provider in the Bournemouth region, celebrating its 60th year of existence in 2018. The family-owned apartment complex has been offering a wide range of services to its clients, one of which recently celebrated her 100th birthday in a festive atmosphere.

The hotel’s owners strive to mark each celebration, anniversary and holiday with special festivities designed to create a sense of community and belonging. Christmas are always marked by family events, banquets, music, entertainment and other festive activities.

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