Bournemouth Dental Clinic Media Growth Expert Marketing SEO Services Announced

Bournemouth, Dorset (UK) based business strategy specialist Udam Epa has announced marketing and SEO services for dental practices and patient clinics to improve their exposure and increase their patient-load. Services can only be offered to a limited number of qualified clinics.

Bournemouth, Dorset (UK) -based marketing expert Udam Epa has announced marketing and SEO services for companies in the dental sector. For clinics who deserve to be the best in town, Epa forms and executes effective marketing strategies to get companies there.

Interested practices can find more information here:

Epa’s media relationships power the effectiveness of services offered. He uses a well-planned and well-connected media strategy to increase exposure for clinics and let interested patients know about all services offered.

Dental practices sometimes don’t get enough patients based on location or low walk-by traffic. Udam Epa’s marketing services incorporate SEO expertise with years of content marketing experience with the ultimate goal of getting more patients through clinic doors.

Services can only be offered to a limited number of qualified candidates and clinics will need to meet strict criteria. The strategy offered is based on strong media relations so maintenance of those relationships is key.

These services are most suited for patient clinics and dental practices who fit the criteria and have the capacity to take on more patients.

For clinics who are interested in improving their reputation and increasing their exposure to the untapped market, marketing and SEO optimization can drastically improve business, sometimes in a matter of days.

With accredited success in brand promotions and lead generation methods, Epa has received many testimonials for his company’s work. “Great company to work with and guaranteed results and satisfaction. I will hire this company for my services again without a doubt.”, reads one LinkedIn review.

Udam Epa graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a Masters in Strategic Business and is now the CEO and founder of Peak Funnel Solutions, a marketing and SEO firm dedicated to improving performance for companies.

The best way to get in touch with him is through his LinkedIn profile, found at the link above.

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