Bourbonnais Wellness Center Chiropractic & Massage Brain Health Report Released

Foster Chiropractic, a spinal adjustment and realignment specialist, based in Illinois, have released a report on exercise and better brain function which shows that any form of exercise three times a week boosts brain power and reduces cognitive decline.

Bourbonnais, Illinois-based Foster Chiropractic, a spinal adjustment and realignment specialist, have released a report on brain health and exercise in their latest newsletter. The report entitled “More Exercises are Proving Helpful for Optimal Brain Health and Function,” defines that regular exercise boosts brain power. In fact, exercising balances hormones, and aids cognitive function with neurons firing in the brain.

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Recently released, the report, based on a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in April 2017, highlights that boosting brain power is vital especially with the rise of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Looking to improve the health of their clients, Foster Chiropractic recommend that their patients consider doing Tai Chi, strength training and aerobic exercises. As these, according to the study reduce cognitive decline.

The report also notes that neurons fire whenever someone engages in physical activity. Consequently, walking regularly has a profound effect on brain function. Neurons, according to the report, fire whenever someone needs to balance and contract their muscles.

Other exercises that help to improve brain function, according to the report, are swimming, dancing, tennis and aerobic classes. Recommendations of the study include regularly exercising at least three times a week helps to achieve optimal brain function.

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