Bourbonnais IL Remote Access Video Surveillance IP Networking Service Announced

A Bourbonnais, IL based computer and networking company has announced it can help customers with full service video surveillance. It can help companies to increase security and protect assets.

CLR Computer Technologies, a leading network and computer provider, has announced it can help customers with video surveillance. It offers full design and installation service, recording, and remote online viewing. This can be used for residential, commercial and agricultural businesses.

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The 25 year old company is known for its expert computer and networking services. It offers custom and ready made computer solutions in its online store, with a variety of options for customers to choose from.

These include desktop PCs, notebooks, small form factor PCs and other computer and networking devices. Customers can find servers of numerous sizes, along with storage server options and more.

Now CLR Computer Technologies is offering high quality video surveillance for any business. Video surveillance is highly important for any business. Different companies use video surveillance for a range of reasons, whether it’s to protect people’s safety, protect valuables, and minimize risk.

Video surveillance has been around for over 30 years, and over this time it has developed through technological advances.

One form of effective video surveillance is IP video surveillance, which in the past only larger companies could afford. Now, the falling price of IP video cameras and the popularity of IP networks means that this form of video surveillance is more affordable than ever.

IP bandwidth and storage is lowering all the time, which also makes this form of video surveillance more approachable for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. Now, schools, libraries, and small companies can easily implement comprehensive video surveillance.

This allows for a number of benefits over traditional video surveillance. Analog CCTV systems are usually more difficult to access remotely, and are hard to integrate with other systems.

With IP video surveillance, companies can benefit from the ability to remotely access video feeds. It offers secure, password protected access from any location with an internet connection, and is much easier to integrate with other systems.

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