Bountiful, UT – Dental Crowns, Veneers, Bonding Alternative ‘Bioclear’ Announced

MVP Dental - Bountiful, UT (+1 801-292-6819) updated its treatments with an alternative to traditional dental bonding, crowns and veneers. Demand for Bioclear here is growing quickly

The updated Bioclear treatment from MVP Dental, Bountiful, UT is in high demand because people are looking for a lower cost alternative to crowns and veneers. Bonding has traditionally filled this role but Bioclear is much stronger and lasts longer.

This practice is conveniently located at 625 500 S Suite 203, Bountiful, UT 84010 and welcomes patients from Centerville, Farmington, Layton and Kaysville.

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Bioclear is minimally-invasive, which means it conserves more of the original tooth than a veneer or crown procedure does. It is also more cost-effective!

Dr. Jon Morgan from MVP Dental, Bountiful UT adds “Bioclear can be used to treat many dental issues, but when it comes to dental work in the back of the mouth or big cavities where there is not much of the original tooth structure left, Bioclear is not always the best option. It does require a sizeable tooth in order to adhere properly and to maintain its strength properties. In situations where Bioclear is not recommended, a traditional filling or dental crown will be used”.

It’s an alternative to veneers, crowns, and bonding. See more information on veneers here and crowns here

Dr. Morgan offers porcelain veneers, a proven and traditional option for improving the cosmetic appearance of teeth. But he now also offers an alternative to veneers, Bioclear. Bioclear uses flowable composite that is shaped by clear mylar wrapped around the tooth. The composite then flows to the shape and makes a perfect looking tooth.

Tooth surfaces are lightly etched before receiving the Bioclear composite. This is different than preparation of the teeth for veneers, which involves shaving from .5 to.7mm of healthy tooth enamel from the fronts of the teeth. Once the teeth are etched, a thin mylar is placed around each tooth. “Bioclear” calls these matrices. They are basically the form that will shape the flowable composite resin.

Next the composite resin is poured. This resin is heated slightly to make it liquid. This allows it to flow into the shape created by the mylar matrices. The composite is then cured and hardened.

Then any imperfect areas can be shaved down to perfection. The final step is to polish the composite, leaving the patient with a perfect, beautiful smile, without any black triangles.

MVP Dental has a 5.0 rating on Google. One recent patient says “A visit to Dr. Morgan, is a positive time. I love the office atmosphere, the fun artwork and the helpfulness of the office staff. Any dental work is handled professionally, with care and expertise. I highly recommend the dentist and dental hygienist at this office.”

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