Boulder CO Medical Nutrition Services – Dietary Help For Type-2 Diabetes Update

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With so many additives and harmful saturated fats in many of today's popular foods, a Boulder, CO-based dietician (720-792-9300) announces updated nutritional guidance services for clients in the area.

One Hungry Bunny’s latest launch provides science-backed guidance and dietary education to help those suffering from chronic health conditions and food allergies alongside clients who simply want to improve their day-to-day eating habits.

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The announcement details a range of benefits to working with Katie Pfeffer-Scanlan – the company’s experienced resident nutrition professional. The clinic is offering both inpatient and outpatient services along with consultancy solutions for health companies.

Unhealthy processed foods, a lack of education, and the increasingly sedentary lives of many Americans have seen poor nutrition directly or indirectly contribute to over 16% of deaths nationwide. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and some forms of cancer can all be attributed, at least in part, to the dietary habits of patients.

One Hungry Bunny’s streamlined website contains a host of expertly-curated resources for readers. These include regularly updated recipe ideas that offer a tasty way to motivate people to stick to a healthier food regime. The company provides expertise on what the body needs day-to-day to thrive and stave off infection and illness.

The clinic is offering new clients a complimentary introductory consultation to see how they could benefit from One Hungry Bunny’s services. Katie brings an innate understanding of the challenges of staying healthy in a busy and stressful world. Clients receive a detailed plan that sets realistic goals, tailored to their individual needs, and taking full account of their medical history.

Online appointments are also now available through One Hungry Bunny’s partnership with the platform. Consultations can be held over the phone or via secure video conferencing technology.

About One Hungry Bunny

Katie Pfeffer-Scanlan has a background in acute medical care, working for several years in Boston, MA. She formed One Hungry Bunny after moving to Boulder, CO, in 2016, and has garnered a reputation for dedicated client care, nutritional expertise, and the highest standards of professionalism in her work at the clinic.

Katie says, “Food is a vital aspect of our lives as long as we strive to make the best choices with simple modifications. Please join me in my journey to make our lives better one bite at a time.”

With its latest service updates, One Hungry Bunny is making optimal health a reality for clients through accessible and achievable nutrition support.

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