BoTy Dogs New Clean N Pamper Product Earns Praise From Valued Users

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Boty Dogs New Clean N Pamper product is getting rave reviews from buyers. Common comments are; "Smells Fabulous", "Doesn't dry out her skin", and "shocked how much water the mitts hold". An inventive new product.

Clean N PamperNEW WEST MINSTER, B.C. – September, 2015 – BoTy Dogs “Clean N Pamper” product earns praise from valued users and is fast becoming one of the best all round dog grooming products available on the market today. With so many varied factors that play a vital role in consumers decision making processes when purchasing products, surely social proof is one of the most important of all those factors. It is proven that 70% of consumers look at, and rely upon product reviews before making their purchases, since product reviews have a far more greater value than simple product descriptions.

With that said, how true it is that people will conform to the actions of other people with the assumption that their actions are both practical and correct. This is the basic concept of social proof, and is one concept that has played an important role in the overwhelming success of BoTy Dogs new “Clean N Pamper” dog grooming product. This amazing new product is a bundle pack containing two great products in one – a Natural dog shampoo soap that shampoos and rinses easily and the super soft chenille drying mitts, that afford dog owners the ease and satisfaction of providing their furry little friend the comfort and delight of a true massage as they dry their now shiny, fluffy fur.

The special dog soap dish is just a little added perk to the bundle and provides each and every little pup with a handy soap dish. The shampoo contains all natural ingredients including coconut oil, palm kernel oil, ostrich oil, eucalyptus, penny royal, agrimony, citronella, tansy, cedar wood oil, as well as a natural flea repellent.

The drying mitts are made of the softest of chenille and they quickly and efficiently soak up the water and add a bit of a massaging effect in the process. These mitts afford dog owners comfort and ease of use while drying their little pups quickly and alleviating the presence of that smelly wet dog smell.

Consumers of Boty Dogs newest dog grooming product are raving about its ease of use and its overall effectiveness, not to mention the incredibly affordable price for such a highly effective product. “This is a great set for pampering man’s best friend! I love the colorful mitts, they are my little divas favorite colors, ok maybe my favorite colors but she loves them too. I have never used a bar of soap on my dog so this was a first for me but I was very pleased it was so much easier than liquids and way less messy. I love that I won’t be wasting a whole bunch of shampoo while she is trying to be an escape artist. not only that the soap smell great, has no harsh chemicals in it and doesn’t dry out her skin! Even cuter is the fact that she now has her own covered soap dish. The mitts are perfect as well they made drying way more effective than a towel will ever being, she was dry enough that I didn’t have to deal with her splattering everywhere once I finally let her out the bathroom. The mitts are also awesome because they made drying her paws off way easier.” wrote consumer Jasmine Dennis.

Yet another satisfied consumer, “Think This Time Brittany” writes, ” I really love this Clean N Pamper Bundle by BoTy Dogs! It comes with two drying mitts, a bar of all natural doggy soap, and an awesome little soap holder. The bar of soap is 100% natural, which is always a huge plus, and it even has a natural flea repellant in it! Can’t beat that. I’ve already used it a couple times on my little girl and it did not irritate her skin in any way, it’s actually very moisturizing. It smells really great, too. Like a citronella candle. The fact that it is a solid bar of soap rather than liquid soap in a bottle really comes in handy when you’re washing your doggy. It allows you to hold on to your dog much easier since you don’t have to worry about taking your hands away by opening and closing a bottle. The included soap holder is wonderful because you don’t have to sit your wet bar of soap anywhere and it will last longer if you keep it dry. You get a set of 2 drying mitts, one pink and one purple. Those colors are perfect for my sweet little puppy, Moxxi. They soak up water very easily. It’s shocking how much water they can actually hold! My dog is just a little thing, so it didn’t take much to get her dry. But these mitts will be great for dogs of any size!”

BoTy Dogs continues to deliver state of the art innovative dog products that afford both owners and pups all the ease and comfort of affordable and highly effective dog care shampoo

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