BoTy Dogs Announces the Release of Environmentally Friendly Dog Poop Bags

BoTy Dogs announces the release of their environmentally friendly dog poop bags. They are offering a discount coupon for 10% OFF the already low introductory price. Check them out and help clean up the planet, one pile of poop at a time.

NEW WEST MINSTER, BC – September, 2015 – BoTy Dogs announces the release of their newest product, BoTy Dogs Dog Poop Bags in Bulk. In response to the dog poop rant that every dog owner experiences at one time or another,

BoTy Dogs set out to make a difference in the environment and make for all round better pet-owner neighbors. These state of the art bags are not only very practical, but are environmentally safe. Fast becoming a favored product among all dog owners today, these Dog Poop Bags in Bulk come packaged 400 green waste bags with a compact box made from recycled material. Offering pet owners the pure satisfaction of sanitary protection for their hands BoTy Dogs Dog Poop Bags many convenient features that has made this product so favored in the marketplace already.

“I just got so tired of picking up the dog poop other owners abandoned, and I felt I had to do something,” says CEO and owner, Carla McNeil.

They keep the poop off hands, and no need for double bagging or worries about ripping or tearing of these sturdy bags, pet owners everywhere are finding complete satisfaction and delight in this amazing new product. In addition, the bags are leak proof making them very safe to stow away in pockets or bags while walking the dog.

Affording the consumer ease of tearing one bag at a time off the roll without any mishap, makes this product both practical and effective to many a dog owner. Made with 2% D2W + HDPE, these incredible Dog Poop Bags are also perfume free (unscented) which alleviates trying to just cover up the smell, since once the bag is sealed there is no noticeable scent.

These truly innovative bags are much easier on the environment, and make picking up dog poop so much more tolerable, which certainly puts an end to the dog poop rant and makes for much happier and satisfied neighbors. These BoTyDogs Dog Poop Bags are sold and readily available for shipment at Amazon and are very reasonably priced.

Head over to Amazon today to order BoTy Dog Poop Bags, they are offering this special coupon code, UAF23V81C, for an additional 10% discounted price today. What better way to help protect the environment and clean up the planet than by one pile of poop at a time!

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