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Safari Guru Deon De Villiers, says the African wilderness offers an ideal space to escape from stress - it is so far from modern life it offers a real mental and physical break.

The ultimate rat race escape and finding spiritual roots in Africa.

Life today leaves many burnt out! Many people feel stressed all the time or from time to time, and Doctors, health specialists, health apps and newspapers are constantly advocating ways to decompress. But day-to-day life just doesn’t allow it. One way to find some peace and seek calm is to leave modern life behind and find an alternative space for the mind to wander and the body to unwind.

Deon De Villiers, proprietor of a personalised safari company, says he has the answer. The African wilderness offers an ideal space to escape from stress – it is so far from modern life it offers a real mental and physical break. As a bonus, those in need of a spiritual getaway can opt for an African safari that offer more than beautiful lodges, amazing wildlife and a change of pace. Yoga based safari holidays…. “Yoga and mindfulness are well known to give us tools to cope with and reduce stress, and Africa offers physical space and vistas that are really conducive to learning and practicing these techniques,” says De Villiers.

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A yoga safari in Africa offers inner peace. For many, escaping day-to-day pressures means a complete getaway to a space that allows them to enjoy personal time free from the rigors, expectations and demands of modern-day life and others. In the African wilderness people are free from the hustle and bustle and open to re-connect to nature and themselves; with their personal comforts catered for, relaxation and finding themselves on a spiritual level flows easily.

Modern civilization has caused many to lose a certain connection to their spiritual roots, but Africa, says De Villiers, is a fantastic place to recharge, rest, and rediscover inner peace. “Africa, the cradle of mankind is everyone’s true spiritual home. Even those who are not seeking a certain “spirituality” find that being out in the African wilderness and back to nature brings a real calm and sense of true belonging. Nothing teaches people about living in the moment as Africa does. Of course, yoga and seeking mindfulness is also known to offer true benefits and the two mesh together perfectly.

Be recognised as a unique and special person. We all hear of ‘bucket-list’ experiences and 1000 places to see and things to do. But, many have been disappointed in taking up an “everybody should” experience, because, says De Villers, everyone is different”. His business philosophy as a Safari Guru is that each person has unique dreams and wishes that cannot be defined by impersonal criteria, one person’s pleasure is another’s poison!

So to seek recognition as an individual and who doesn’t have to fit into a one-size-fits-all experience, De Villiers and team are ready to really listen and tailor experiences to their client’s wants and desires. Clients are investing time and money into themselves and all holidays are personally tailored to fit their criteria. Yoga safaris, are popular, but he says that even within this category, there’s plenty of room for personalisation and a completely unique travel experience.

“I don’t handle clients in bulk, and there are good reasons for this. Every one of my clients has individual dreams, and I see it as my business to make those dreams come true,” says De Villiers. “My decades in Africa qualify me to suggest personalised itineraries that not only meet, but exceed, the things my clients are yearning for.”

That extends to following his clients’ journeys every step of the way, from the planning and organization through their holiday and until they are back at home. “As a person with extensive experience in the safari industry, both in on the ground in Africa and in organising trips from Australia, the ultimate experience must recognise the client’s journey as unique,” says De Villiers.

“Clients seeking individualised care should never just be numbers on a spreadsheet or served by an algorithm, especially not when they are on a journey towards inner peace. It’s personal. It’s about what makes them tick and what they hope to experience. Safari Guru strives to fulfil those hopes, and that’s what makes it stand out from the crowd.”

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Not all De Villiers’s clients are interested in yoga and meditation. For some, it’s simply about experiencing the natural wonders of Africa. Whatever the goal, De Villiers attends to every detail. Ensuring that his clients experience the level of luxury, adventure and/or pampering that they desire, and a complete lack of stress regarding travel arrangements. His team on-the-ground ensures that there is never any cause for concern or even mundane worries to disrupt the journey.

“Even those who don’t meditate or practice yoga can experience a deep sense of connection with the African wilderness that reaches into the deepest part of their souls,” says De Villiers, a man who, after many years in the African wilds, has extensive first-hand experience of its most beautiful destinations.

For more information visit the African Travel Specialist | Safari Guru website or call Deon De Villiers and his team of experts on (+61) 0427 782 226.

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