Boston MA Salesperson Business Development Training – Professional Course Launch

Praxis Growth Advisors (+1-781-499-2030) has announced a new update to its Boston sales training and business development programs. As an affiliate for Sandler Training, the company takes pride in helping clients to develop their sales skills.

The updated program uses lessons from the Sandler Sales System, and is led by Eric Warner, the founder of Praxis Growth Advisors. He is an award-winning trainer himself, and guided the company to continual growth over the last six years.

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Industry research shows that a well-designed sales training program provides businesses with a range of advantages over their competitors. The updated program from Praxis Growth Advisors can lead to higher win rates, more sales team members hitting their quota, and measurable skill development.

The team understands that some companies may have tried different training programs and been disappointed with their results. Rather than offering a quick-fix solution, Praxis Growth Advisors partners with clients to achieve long-lasting ROI.

The Sandler methodology is designed from the ground up to enable teams to sell more with a simplified approach. It is a counterweight to the traditional sales system, which sees pushy salespeople turning away leads with high-pressure tactics.

The Sandler Selling System is designed around the idea of building a relationship with the customer, and sustaining it by implementing psychological strategies. Participants in the program will learn how to take the lead in the conversation, establish guidelines, and work within an open relationship built on trust and honesty.

Salespeople will also learn how to qualify the opportunity with greater clarity. This helps to determine whether the product or service is suited to the prospect, and how it can impact their life.

Finally, the training focuses on how to close the sale more effectively. This is achieved in a no-pressure way, ensuring a more friendly process for the customer.

Praxis Growth Advisors explains that the training system is built on a seven-point structure. It includes bonding and rapport, up-front contracts, prospect pain points, their budget, the decision-making process, fulfillment, and post-sell.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Employers are recognizing that training and development is no longer just nice to have; it’s essential for success. In this changing world, we need to keep growing to remain competitive. Upskilling and internal mobility learning is the answer.”

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