Boston MA Naprapathy – Fascia/Graston Technique Expert Treatment Service Updated

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Poe Holistic Health (+1-508-388-2853) has launched updated services to include the Graston technique for new and existing clients. Based near Boston, Massachusetts, they pride themselves on effective results.

Holistic health practitioners Poe Holistic Health, based in Boston, Massachusetts, have released an update to their naprapathy services to provide the Graston technique for new and existing clients.

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The latest announcement is in line with Poe Holistic Health’s vision of providing alternative medical therapy for clients across Massachusetts who may wish to decrease pain or restore mobility.

Naprapathy is the treatment of the connective tissue (fascia). It targets areas of the body where there is a build up of scar tissue or muscle knots. It aims to alleviate symptoms by using gentle hand manipulation techniques and other therapeutic modalities.

Graston technique is a similar non-surgical procedure that targets affected areas of soft tissue in the body. However, specialized instruments are used to twist, turn and chisel at the adhesion through the skin. This creates controlled microtrauma which triggers the healing process.

Graston technique is suitable for pain resulting from sprains/strains in various parts of the body including the neck, back, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and heel. It can benefit those looking to optimize existing good health, those wishing to refrain from taking pharmaceuticals, or those wishing to combat specific areas of pain and increase mobility.

An initial full consultation and treatment package costs $160 for up to an hour, with a second visit and consultation costing $100. A further follow-up session is $75 for treatment only. All consultations and treatments are performed by an experienced Naturopathic doctor, and owner/founder of Poe Holistic Health, Dr. Kristen Poe.

Dr. Kristen Poe has achieved a Post-Graduate Diploma in Holistic Health, a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine, and a Doctorate in Naprapathy. In addition, Dr. Poe is a member of various health associations including the American Naprapathic Association.

Speaking of her Graston technique services, Dr. Poe states: “The main goals of treatment with the Graston technique are to decrease edema, pain, and to increase range of motion. It works tremendously well and I highly recommend it.”

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