BOSS Provides Outsource Accounting Services To Follow Clients’ Procedures

With BOSS offering clients to have their work done with their outsource accounting services, clients can choose to have every job completed with their own procedures being followed. Providing a unique addition to its service that no other outsourcing firm offers.

When Aussie outsourced accountants perform work for accounting firms its not usually on offer for those firms to have all jobs completed following the firm’s unique procedures. And this is doubly the case with an accounting outsourcing firm offers this opportunity with only a promise of 50 hours worth of work each month. If an accounting firm is offered this chance to have their own procedures followed it would only be offered if the accounting firm guaranteed 160 hours of work every month or the equivalent to a full-time outsourced employee. This opportunity is a very unique offering as far as the accounting industry is concerned.

The Client Happiness Supervisor and Marketing Manager for BOSS Lee Court, says about BOSS’ newest addition to their services, “We’ve found BOSS clients to embrace the option to have their work completed with their very own procedures being followed. As each firm have their own dedicated accountant working on all their jobs BOSS accountants can become familiar with the client’s procedures making working on their firm’s work much faster as the virtual accountant gets used to their procedures and doesn’t need to keep relearning new ones. It’s definitely a win-win for accounting firms who need assistance with outsourcing some of their work.”

Even though engaging outsource accounting services is not considered anything new now the outsourcing industry still needs to keep improving their offerings. Things can always be done better and if the industry were to just stop improving simply because more and more firms are embracing outsourcing that would be a sad day for an industry with so much more to offer. BOSS has already proven itself with the tweaking of its services in order to add more value for its clients. With more outsourcing firms doing the same, outsourcing can really provide quality services for accounting practices within Australia.

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