BOSS Announces New Xero Certification for all Their Accounting Outsourcing Pros

Yet again raising the bar for accounting outsourcing in Australia and New Zealand, BOSS announces a new certification for their virtual accountants.

Measuring standards by the specialized training they give their full and part-time bookkeepers, Back Office Shared Services (BOSS) announces a new certification. Now, the Australia-based accounting outsourcing provider has equipped their supplement accounting staff with Xero Certification credentials.

Completing this certification allows BOSS to:

– Set up and manage their practice and clients in Xero.

– Manage sales and receivables with quotes and invoices.

– Manage expenditures and accounts payable through expense claims, purchase orders and bills.

– Properly code and reconcile cash transactions utilizing bank rules, cash coding and bank feeds.

– Streamline day to day work processes through in product automation tools.

– Run, customize and share basic reports.

Thus, helping them to better advise and assist clients in an expedited way.

BOSS outsourced accountants and outsourced bookkeepers now have a firm background and understanding of Xero’s core functionality and features. In addition to this the outsourced accountants and outsourced bookkeepers go through a six week induction program and ongoing training covering topics such as Personal Service Income, deductible expenses, SBE Concessions, Franking Credit, Superannuation Reconciliation, SBE Pooling and UCA, accepting contributions and rollovers, deductibility of prior year losses etc. This all helps in boosting productivity while dependably helping clients grow their businesses or manage Super Funds, BOSS seamlessly enhances operational flow.

Noted for their ability to cut costs and minimize staffing concerns, Lee Court, BOSS’ Client Relationship and Marketing Manager, brings an understanding of why it’s key to engage accounting outsourcing services. Court advises, “There’s simply no need to enlarge your in-house staff and complicate your budget. We’re here to bring business owners and individuals a simplified way to do their accounting, follow tax procedures, and enhance their bottom line overall. Working with the Xero program is key to that process and now our staff has an in-depth understanding of everything that platform can do to meet every client’s objectives flawlessly.”

About Back Office Shared Services Pty Ltd (BOSS):

BOSS is an Australia-based accounting outsourcing provider that supplies part-time and full-time virtual accountants and bookkeepers to supplement accounting staff. Streamlining operations for accounting firms and business owners, every BOSS virtual accountant is fully-trained in accounting standards, Self-Managed Super Funds, tax procedures and law. All accounting outsource specialists work in BOSS’ overseas offices and never at offsite locations.

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