BOSS 2021 First Quarter Accounting Outsourcing Training Announced

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Back Office Shared Services Pty Ltd announces its accounting outsourcing training schedule for the January, February and March, 2021 period which provides updates on all Australian taxation changes that will improve accountants’ skills.

To ensure all BOSS virtual accountants are kept up to date on any Australian Taxation changes, Back Office Shared Services (BOSS) Pty Ltd lays out the schedule for the 2021 first quarter accountants training. BOSS is providing the free training session on a Saturday twice a month in January, February and March, 2021 and this allows all BOSS clients to rest assured that all outsourced accounting staff is kept in the loop of any changes made by the Australian Government. Due to the current climate and to ensure the safety of all staff, the training will take place online via Google Meet and will occur between the hours of 8.30 am and 1pm, Indian Standard Time.

For more details on BOSS bi-monthly tax training, interested parties are encouraged to view the website at Training and Supervision.

Areas of the 2021 First Quarter Accounting Outsourcing Training that will be covered include:

BOSS Saturday Training Schedule – Australian Taxation Updates 1, held over the January sessions (9th of January and 23rd of January) – a. All Xero Updates b. Inter entity restructuring & Tax planning c. ATO Cashflow Boost & PSI d. Trust Estate & Tax Liabilities

BOSS Saturday Training Schedule – Australian Taxation updates 2, held over the February sessions (6th of February and 20th of February) – e. Small Business Exemption- Depreciation,Stock & Prepayment & f. Non Commercial Losses g. Finalization and Tax Planning of Health Care, BAS for Doctors and Foreign Rental Property h. Research and Development tax incentive

BOSS Saturday Training Schedule – Australian Taxation updates 3, held over the March sessions (6th of March and 20th of March) – i. Division 7A j. Company Finalisation (Loss, Franking Credit, Dividend,Tax Reco) k. Main Residence Exemptions

When asked about the reasons behind the reason to provide free full training on these taxation changes, Prasad.T.H, Senior Manager of BOSS (Back Office Shared Services) Pty Ltd had to say,

BOSS provides this important and necessary training to make sure all BOSS accountants and bookkeepers have all the current knowledge so they meet the legal requirements of being an Australian legal entity. In doing so, BOSS clients need not do any of the training themselves, relieving them from the financial costs of keeping them up to date. This also relieves a lot of time pressure from clients. All tax training is fully taken care of on the client’s behalf. This taxation training is obligatory to ensure all staff are informed of all tax changes for the coming 2021 first quarter. All staff are expected to be present. We will begin the meeting with preparation for training which includes time for going through training material and the preparation of a questionnaire and it will conclude with a question and answer session. The meeting will include two fifteen minute breaks and will round up at 1pm.

All BOSS accounting outsourcing and bookkeeping staff can find the most up-to-date information about the free training at Training and Supervision. Clients who have specific questions about the training itself may contact BOSS (Back Office Shared Services) Pty Ltd via their website

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