Bootstrapped Cancer Fundraising Platform Launches After a Decade of Setbacks

The Just4Cancer journey is one of inspiration and perseverance shared by those affected by cancer and by countless non-profit start-ups.

Las Vegas, Nevada – February 18, 2020 – Like so many bootstrapped start-ups, Just4Cancer, a newly launched peer-to-peer fundraising platform that connects donors with individuals affected by cancer, has faced its fair share of obstacles along its journey. But thanks to the founder’s perseverance, some dreams never die. The company is proud to now celebrate the launch of its fully functioning platform.

It all started when founder Clifford Rhayns worked with radiation and chemotherapy patients at the University of Virginia Medical System back in 2009, which sparked an idea. Those experiences combined with his own journey years earlier after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer helped him realize a need. What if he could build a website that might broaden cancer awareness while simultaneously helping those affected by cancer—at least financially?

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The next decade, though, would be fraught with disappointments and delays due to setbacks with development firms that chose unsuitable technology. Not only did they recommend and implement inappropriate architectural platforms but development partners also lacked sufficient project management staff to drive the project to completion. In the midst of this, Rhayns’ son was born and, shortly thereafter, he faced a heartbreaking divorce. With each setback, the project was reassessed and refined. Even still in 2016, when development was alas back on the right track, many of the same challenges slowed progress as he worked to onboard fundraising and event planning consultants.

Nonetheless in 2018, things began to look up. This is when the company took part in an innovative concept that would ultimately help to raise $150K in micro investment contributions—funds that were essential in bringing the project to fruition. Trailing its first digital fashion show, the important relationship between art and cancer had also been incorporated into the business plan. Then by 2019, Rhayns had become an active member of the Association of Cancer Executives.

“The concept of perseverance is one that kept us going each day,” states Clifford Rhayns, CEO of Just4Cancer. “But those affected by cancer must also persevere every day in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We’ve found that our experiences only elevated our empathy for those we’ve set out to help.” To register or participate, visit

About Just4Cancer

Just4Cancer is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform connecting donors with individuals affected by cancer along with cancer causes. Unique to the site is the organization’s hand-vetting of beneficiaries to ensure all members are genuine cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, or causes. Beyond fundraising, Just4Cancer provides a supportive network where like-minded individuals can connect and share their experiences.

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