Bonn Omni-Channel Digital Content Marketing For Graphic Designers Launched

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As the e-commerce sector grows ever more competitive and online businesses search for new ways to attract customers, a Koln, Germany-based digital marketing company announces updated services for local businesses in the Nordrhein-Westfalen area and beyond.

MediaPresso’s latest launch offers clients omni-channel promotional solutions, enhanced lead generation, and blanket coverage across popular local and national websites. The company specializes in helping small businesses achieve the kind of exposure that is normally the preserve of large corporations.

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The announcement details a range of benefits for business owners across all sectors from graphic design agencies to physiotherapy clinics. The dedicated team brings years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), location-specific campaigns, and increased online visibility and credibility.

MediaPresso’s marketing strategy is based on a multi-channel approach. The company has made a science out of generating traffic to business websites. By targeting organic keywords in organic Google searches, the team can ensure that clients’ businesses are discoverable and achieve a high ranking for niche-specific terms.

The writing team generates high-quality content for publication on popular websites. This means that small, local businesses can increase their commercial reach while also enhancing the credibility of their services.

MediaPresso also creates blog posts, adjusting the tone and style of the content to reach new markets. Clients also benefit from more visually-arresting slideshows, captioned and headlined to keep new traffic coming to their websites. Podcasts and videos are also generated to ensure every marketing angle is covered.

Running a business is a time-consuming pursuit and while many entrepreneurs may have a creative flair in terms of developing products and services, there are many more who struggle with the marketing side of running a successful venture. MediaPresso handles the entire promotional campaign from start to finish, basing its strategy on initial discussions with clients.

A large proportion of Google searches are location-specific. With this in mind, MediaPresso can help businesses to stand out in specific regions rather than be swallowed up in the sea of national or global competition for particular services.

About MediaPresso

Based in Koln, Germany, the company offers a proven method for marketing success. Over 3,000 clients already regularly use MediaPresso’s services, many of whom are seeing page 1 Google placements within a month of a campaign beginning.

A spokesperson says, “We are known for getting local businesses the recognition they deserve, bringing them new customers, and helping them become the number 1 choice in town.”

With its latest update to services, MediaPresso affirms its reputation as the premier digital marketing solution for smaller local businesses in Koln and the surrounding areas.

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