Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cell Therapy Offers Healing Alternatives

Bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy presents new treatment options to chronic pain patients whose only courses of action involved invasive surgeries and costly prescription medication. Stem cell therapy is an alternative treatment that could possibly eradicate pain at its source.

Chronic pain is debilitating and causes continued degeneration of the affected areas. It dampens a patient’s quality of life and makes commonplace day to day tasks burdensome, leaving the patient feeling drained and depressed as a result. Luckily, with recent medical advancements, costly, invasive surgeries and potentially addictive prescription medications aren’t the only avenues for treating chronic pain. Where medication simply seeks to mask pain, bone marrow-derived stem cells work alongside the body to help it repair itself from within, attempting to rectify chronic pains at their source. This opens a new path for pain sufferers that are seeking an alternative to the standard treatment options available to them.

Touted as an advanced treatment with advanced results, stem cell therapy has once again moved to the forefront of the medical community’s discussions on how best to approach a wide variety of debilitating conditions, including chronic pain. Bone marrow-derived stem cell therapies have been integral in advancing treatments for degeneration in the bones and joints, damaged cartilage in joints, labral and labrum tears, osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, and a wide range of other chronic conditions. These advancements are also showing potential outside of the realms of chronic pain, having shown the ability to possibly be effective in treating cancer, immune system disorders, nervous system disorders, and much more, pending the furthering of numerous successful clinical trials.

Stem cell therapies could be an answer to patients questions about treating and easing their chronic pains without the need for invasive surgeries or costly, possibly addictive prescription medications. Wisconsin Stem Cell serves Milwaukee and beyond, having opened their doors to all Midwest-based patients that are looking for a solution to their chronic pains. Candidates who may be suitable for bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy should contact Wisconsin Stem Cell to learn more about the numerous benefits to stem cell therapy and how it could change their lives.

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