Bonaire Video Marketing Custom Business Commercials Services Launched

TCW Consulting Firm Video Agency, a video marketing agency based in Bonaire, Georgia, updated its video marketing services to include professionally-produced branded video commercials. The company offers professional business video commercials and digital marketing consultations.

TCW Consulting Firm Video Agency, a Bonaire, Georgia video marketing agency, updated its video marketing services to include professionally-produced branded video commercials.

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Online marketing has grown tremendously over the past decade, with more and more businesses looking for ways to leverage the immense marketing potential of the internet. Studies show that more than 90% of all clients have used online reviews or Google searches to find businesses and products, thus making online visibility an important business success factor.

However, online marketing is different from traditional marketing in that it is heavily dependent on multimedia content. Surveys show that video marketing is much more successful than traditional, text-based advertising, with more than 70% of clients claiming they prefer content or video marketing to text-based ads.

The recent trend has therefore been to include commercial videos in digital marketing strategies as a powerful technique to not only attract more potential clients, but also increase business reputation and market authority.

TCW Consulting Firm Video Agency launched a new video marketing service allowing businesses to use powerful, professionally-produced videos to highlight their achievements, promote their services or establish first contact with their clients.

The Bonaire video marketing agency works with professional digital marketing experts in an effort to produce videos according to the latest digital production and advertising standards. The company strives to integrate the videos in broader digital marketing campaigns, as well as to provide guidance regarding the most effective video distribution and social marketing platforms.

The importance of video content for SEO and online visibility cannot be overestimated. According to digital marketing expert Sara McAllister, “video is evidence of quality content, and as part of a media mix on a site, it helps send signals to search engines like Google that your page or site contains rich media relevant to search requests.”

All TCW Consulting commercial videos are customized according to the client’s preferences, business services and target audiences.

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