Bonaire Strategic Business Video Marketing Movie Production Services Launched

TCW Consulting Firm, a digital marketing agency based in Bonaire, Georgia, announced a new video marketing service. The company offers professional commercial video production and strategic planning, for clients looking to develop sustainable strategies across a variety of social media platforms.

TCW Consulting Firm, a Bonaire, Georgia digital marketing agency, launched a new video marketing service offering professional commercial production and strategic planning.

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Online marketing has grown tremendously over the past few years, as more and more businesses look for effective ways to leverage the immense marketing potential of the internet. With surveys showing that more than 90% of all clients use online platforms to find products and services, online visibility has become a crucial overall business success factor.

Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing tends to be dominated by visual media. Studies show that video content has many times more engagement rates than text-only content, video being the preferred way to get online information. As regards marketing, text-based ads are among the lowest-rated in terms of consumer confidence, with more than 80% preferring video to text-based commercials.

TCW Consulting Firm launched a new video marketing service aiming to help businesses create and promote professional business commercials.

The Bonaire digital marketing agency works with professional marketers, film producers and spokesmodels to design and produce attractive, easily comprehensible video commercials for a variety of local businesses.

TCW Consulting Firm sees online commercial video production as only the first step towards a larger, more general digital marketing effort. To help clients integrate their business commercials into a wider-reaching digital marketing campaign, the company also provides strategic planning services, offering expertise as to the most effective video marketing and social media platforms.

Furthermore, TCW sees video commercials as crucial to the success of a company’s SEO campaign. According to digital marketing expert Sara McAllister, video commercials can adapt very well to SEO marketing: “Businesses should use video both for the marketing power it brings and for its increasing importance to their site’s SEO.”

The company provides fully-customized video marketing services, in complete accordance with their client’s needs and preferences.

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