Boise Newborn Products Diaper Caddy For Kids Customizable Accessory Bag Launched

A new faux leather diaper caddy has been launched by Arabella Baby. It is fully customizable and is designed with both boys and girls in mind.

Arabella Baby has launched a new faux leather diaper and baby caddy, which allows parents to have everything they need to hand whether out and about or at home. It is designed with high quality in mind and with a focus on reducing the stress of parenthood.

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The newly launched caddy features removable faux leather handles, corner tops and base, making the caddy even more durable. It is designed with strength, space and resourcefulness in mind.

Arabella Baby’s caddy holds up to 20lbs of products and accessories, with external pockets for more space. Alongside this, customers can get removable inserts that let them configure how they would like to use the caddy.

The Boise, Idaho based company is a family owned business that aims to provide customers with high quality products to make parenting life easier. The company knows that parenting can be time consuming and highly stressful, and every little bit of help parents can get makes all the difference.

With this in mind, the newly launched faux leather diaper caddy can make for a thoughtful gift for new moms or friends with young children.

The new fully customizable caddy lets the parent configure the space how they like to get the best and most comfortable use. In addition to this, the diaper caddy is designed to be multipurpose. It’s a portable changing table organizer, but can also be grabbed as a travel diaper bag for parents who are on the go.

As children get older, the bag can transform again and be used for toys, crafts, or even as a maternity bag.

The company states: “A baby bag filled with baby essentials like newborn diapers and wipes is always handy as baby shower gifts. Afterall mom and her infant will go through 300 baby diapers in the first month! So we built the new Arabella Diaper Organizer V2.0 for a baby boy or baby girl and added new features to make this baby organizer the toughest yet!”

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