Boise ID Pawn and Gold Online – Best Precious Metal Valuation Services Launched

Idaho Pawn and Gold (208-487-8003) has launched their new “Shop Now” online store, allowing customers in the Boise area to easily browse the shop's inventory.

The newly launched Idaho Pawn and Gold e-store showcases an inventory of tools, precious metals, and electronics that are all available for purchase, with special rates on bulk orders.

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The move to online inventory management comes with steady growth for the gold brokerage, recently having accrued a larger stock. With the establishment of their third location, they stand to serve key areas of Idaho, and can now serve customers nationwide.

While Idaho Pawn and Gold deals in many different kinds of goods, the shop specializes in gold and precious metals. Gold has proven to be a remarkably resistant store of value, fluctuating only a few hundred dollars in the past decade, and largely resistant to potentially devastating large-scale economic upheaval.

The precious metal trade has proven to be a lucrative venture for Idaho Pawn and Gold, as evidenced by an expansive selection of jewelry and bullion. They also enjoy the ability to offer higher prices when purchasing these items, thanks to their upgraded facilities. More items will be added to the online store as they are cataloged.

The Boise location boasts impressive state-of-the-art valuation equipment that provides more accurate readings. Their new top-of-the-line XRF analyzer provides quick, accurate readings and allows for quicker appraisal-to-payout time.

This technology also contributes to their being able to pay more than local precious metal dealers for equivalent volumes. More information about pricing and precious metal valuation services is available at

About Idaho Pawn and Gold

Idaho Pawn and Gold was founded in 2014 by lifelong Idaho resident and Veteran of the American military, Samuel Reading. His passion and compassion have led the chain to success while employing many disabled Veterans, a point of great pride for the company.

The team behind Idaho Pawn and Gold states that their business philosophy is built upon trust and respect, and the rapport they have built with their community is displayed in the charity work they have engaged in since their inception.

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