Boise ID Hot Yoga Baptiste Meditation Stress Relief Relaxation Studio Opened

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Authentic Yoga Studio, available at (208) 918-4842, opened its second location in Boise, ID to provide its traditional Baptiste-style classes to a larger audience.

Authentic Yoga Studio, a yoga studio based in Meridian, Idaho, has opened a second location in Boise. The studio offers a range of classes for all abilities and experience levels.

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The opening of the new studio is a result of the company wanting to offer more people a chance to experience its signature brand of Hot Yoga lessons.

Authentic Yoga Studio specializes in the Baptiste style of practice. This style takes place in a heated room and involves a collaborative effort between the instructor and the yogis. Baptiste yoga is known for being easily adaptable to the abilities and physical needs of students, with an emphasis on breath control and the traditional mastery of yoga poses.

The most popular class offered is the Authentic Hot Series. This set of classes is designed for all levels of student, from beginners to those more experienced. The classes are designed to build flexibility, improve posture and reduce stress. Authentic also offer classes for athletes, classes focused on building muscle strength, and more traditional Yin classes, which are slower-paced and more meditative in nature.

Classes are generally held for an hour, and the studio conducts several varied sessions a day. Authentic also offer training courses to become a qualified yoga instructor. These classes start by teaching basic physiological principles and then lead on to a large set of poses and training techniques, the history and philosophy of yoga, and more general teaching techniques that can be applied to classes.

Authentic Yoga Studio has been open since September 2018 and is run by Amanda Mendez. As someone who has been practicing yoga for a number of years, Amanda has a core set of values including creating a welcoming environment and committing to the growth of both students and instructors alike, which is instilled in each teacher at the studio.

A spokesperson said, “A potent physical yoga practice, meditation practice, and active self-inquiry are used as tools of transformation, encouraging participants to reclaim their full potential, discover creativity, awaken passion and create authenticity.”

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