Boise ID Eye Exam Optometrist Prescriptions Ophthalmology Services Launched

An eye care center in Boise, Idaho launches their comprehensive eye exam services with the goal of enabling local patients to proactively diagnose any vision-related conditions.

Clear Eye Total Eye Care launches their comprehensive eye exam services for individuals looking to undergo a thorough evaluation of their ocular health. The center based in Boise, Idaho also helps local patients determine their prescription for glasses or contacts, as needed.

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With a strong focus on preventive care, the newly launched services endeavor to detect any vision problems or eye diseases before symptoms start to manifest. To achieve this, the optometry practice led by Dr. Blake Bingham utilizes some of the latest technologies during the exam.

One of the state-of-the-art tools they use is digital phoropters. Since the device seamlessly integrates with their pre-testing equipment and health record software, the center is able to minimize chances of error while also enhancing efficiency.

Patients are also able to obtain a visual representation of their eye health status through a fundus camera. The advanced equipment allows Dr. Bingham and his team to take pictures of the patients’ eyes and walk them through their eye health assessment.

To evaluate glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, and other forms of retinal diseases, the center uses a device called OCT. They also have a visual field machine for patients experiencing blind spots in their vision.

Clear Eye Total Eye Care advises patients who are visiting their facility for the first time to follow four easy steps.

First, they are requested to fully explore the center’s services, which also include ocular disease management and prescriptions. Once they are ready to proceed, patients may reach out online or by phone to set an appointment.

To facilitate an easier in-office check-in process, new patient information may be supplied through a form on the center’s website. Finally, patients are asked to prepare and bring everything they need for the appointment, including their latest prescriptions and their insurance information.

Complimenting the center’s head optometrist, as well as their technician and optician, one satisfied client states, “Dr. Bingham is the best. I’ve never been able to see better than I can now after seeing him. And Brittany and Cami are so kind and helpful, an amazing optometry practice.”

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