Boise ID Comprehensive Eye Examination Optometry Ophthalmology Services Launched

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Clear Eye Total Eye Care of Boise, ID launches its upgraded visual examination service. The clinic uses high-tech equipment to better assess visual health and diagnose eye problems.

Boise, ID-based Clear Eye Total Eye Care announces the launch of its updated and highly thorough ocular examination. The practice uses state-of-the-art technology to more accurately detect vision problems, thereby leading to faster and more effective treatment.

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Dr. Blake Bingham, the clinic’s principal, says that the upgraded service was launched as today’s digital-centric life means eyes are trained towards screens all day. He adds that the more the eyes are used, the greater the need for regular eye exams and more precise ocular evaluations.

Eye examinations are suitable for patients of all ages, especially those experiencing the onset of visual problems. Aside from Boise, the Clear Eye Total Eye Care also services the cities of Eagle and Meridian.

A typical exam involves reviewing a patient’s glasses or contact lenses to ensure it is still suitable. Dr. Bingham also checks for eye conditions such as corneal diseases, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

To arrive at the most accurate diagnosis, the practice has invested in high-tech equipment such as digital phoropters, which assesses the eyes’ refraction. The fundus camera, meanwhile, takes a picture of the eyes’ interior structure to surface potential defects.

Patients will also undergo optical coherence tomography, which analyzes the retina and optic nerve to rule out conditions such as diabetic-related eye disease. Lastly, the visual field machine checks for blindspots in vision, one of the key signs of glaucoma.

To make patient visits more affordable, Clear Eye Total Eye Care offers in-house vision plans for the uninsured. This coverage can help people save significantly on bills, especially if they require extended treatment.

For patients’ safety, they are requested to book their appointments online via the clinic’s website. Aside from eye examinations, Clear Eye Total Eye Care also offers full-service ophthalmological services.

Dr. Bingham says: “Today’s modern life has put an unprecedented amount of strain on people’s eyes. Without regular eye checkup, vision problems can go undiagnosed and might be exacerbated. We encourage everyone to visit the clinic to get a thorough vision exam.”

More information about Clear Eye Total Eye Care is available through the URL above.

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