Boise Area Stinky Rotten Egg Odor In Well Water | Tim McKay Interview

Many private wells in the rural areas around Boise, ID have a bad rotten egg odor. announces an interview with Tim McKay, a local water expert, to discuss the subject.

Millions of Americans living in rural communities get their water from private wells. Some are lucky to have great tasting and refreshing water but others are not so fortunate. Unfortunately, many have a single source of water containing contaminants that give their water an awful taste and smell. You can learn more about these types of problems by clicking on the following link to see interviews with Tim McKay regarding problems with water in the Boise and Southwest Idaho area.

Odors in water can come from many different types of contaminants. For instance, water from wells can contain dissolved rock. Some types of dissolved rock can actually give water a good taste while others can make it almost undrinkable. Ocean water is known to taste salty and very harmful to drink. Some wells in California close to the ocean contain high amounts of seawater contamination and taste terrible.

Many wells in the Southwestern Idaho area contain other contaminants that affect the taste and smell of the water. Tim McKay is a local water expert serving consumers in the Boise and Southwest Idaho area with 24 years of experience treating bad taste and odors in all types of waters for residents. searches for and selects local, well trained and experienced water treatment representatives to interview. Tim accepted an invitation to discuss causes and treatment of stinky, bad tasting well waters in the Southwest Idaho area.

In the interview, Tim says “You just can’t go buy something from a plumber or off the internet and expect your problems to be fixed. You need to be working with a professional that has experience in a lot of different areas to help with these types of problems.” Tim’s interview can be seen on YouTube at the following link.

Remember, ALL ODORS in water should be identified before using it for drinking or bathing. Most will not affect one’s health but others might be a result of sewage leakage, bacteria growth or other contaminants that could be harmful.

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