Boisbriand QC Announcing New Orthotherapy & Massage Therapy Clinic

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Catherine Fillion Orthotherapeute is announcing the opening of her new Orthotherapy & Massage Therapy Clinic in Boisbriand, Quebec. Conveniently located at Exit 23 of Highway 15 to also serve people of Blainville, Ste-Therese, Rosemere and St-Eustache.

Catherine Fillion Orthotherapeute is very proud to offer her new professional services at her new private Orthotherapy and Massage therapy Clinic in Boisbriand, Quebec. Catherine has several years of experience in various clinics in the area providing back pain relief (mal de dos), help with sciatic nerve problems, tendonitis, and capsulitis to name a few. The new clinic is conveniently located at exit 23 of Highway 15 to also serve people of Blainville, Ste-Therese, Rosemere and St-Eustache.

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Orthotherapy is a natural therapy that combines massage therapy to kinesitherapy (therapy by movement) and is intended for people who suffers from muscle pain and joints stiffness, which are usually caused by a bad posture or sudden and repetitive movements.

The term orthotherapy comes from the prefix ortho- which means “right” or “correct” and expresses well the idea of this discipline. Indeed, orthotherapy aims at rebalancing the musculoskeletal system by mostly intervening on the muscular system.

Orthotherapy is a relatively recent specialization in Canada since its practice emerged in the 70’s. However, it holds a prominent place in the range of holistic manual techniques.

The main reason why should someone see an orthotherapist is to relieve muscle tension, relieve joint stiffness, reduce stress and anxiety, ease chronic pain, to name a few.

Catherine Fillion commented: “You will appreciate my intuitive, unique and specialized therapeutic approach in deep muscle relaxation promoting a rapid recovery! After a first session, your pain should be less, you will feel more relaxed, lighter, less stressed and the healing process will have started”.

This is a great chance for the residents of Boisbriand and surrounding areas to enjoy a unique therapeutic experience and support a dedicated local business.

Catherine Fillion has a bachelor’s degree in human kinetics from the University of Ottawa where she gained experience in sports therapy. Subsequently, she graduated in Massage Therapy, Kinesitherapy and Orthotherapy at the Academy of Scientific Massage.She is also a member in good standing of Mon Reseau Plus and Professional Association of Specialized Massage Therapists of Quebec.

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