Bohemian Lifestyle Trends Sustainable Vegetable Gardening Platform Launched

A new bohemian lifestyle resource site has been launched, called AvoToasted. It provides readers with detailed insight and guidance into trendy takes on style, gardening and healthy living.

A new lifestyle website, AvoToasted, has been launched with a focus on trendy lifestyle issues. The site offers advice on style, gardening and healthy living trends for the modern hipster, hippie or free thinker.

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AvoToasted is a newly launched website filled with articles and advice on the very latest lifestyle trends. The site was launched by a group of people who have embraced the hipster label and love all things colorful and unique and want to share that love with their readers.

The site teaches its readers all about modern bohemian and minimalist living ideas, including tips on sustainable gardening. They explain that as out-of-the-box thinkers and free spirits they are upholding the spirit of the hipster lifestyle.

One of the website’s latest articles is called The Best Fall Vegetables to Grow In Your Backyard Garden 2020. It begins by describing growing one’s own vegetables as an activity that walks the line between practicality and indulgence as there is the convenience of fresh vegetables outside the door as well as having the freshest, nutritious and delicious vegetables to consume.

It continues by saying that the growing season can extend right in to Fall and Winter. They provide a list of the best Fall/winter vegetable to grow in the garden or containers and give advice on how to keep them happy.

Vegetable types suggested include beans, beetroot, leaf amaranth, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. These types have been suggested as they are traditional seasonal winter fare but they are also the most nutrient-dense vegetables to grow.

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For example broccoli is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamins A, B6 and C. Beetroot is also rich in the same nutrients as well as being a great source of potassium and zinc. Leaf amaranth is nutrient dense but also grows quickly and can be easily harvested from the windowsill all all times of the year.

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