Body Cleansing Wellness Remove Toxins Weight Loss Lifestyle Program Launched

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A newly updated weight loss, cleansing and wellness program has been launched by 21-Day Body Makeover. It aims to help program participants to achieve their health and wellness goals without drastically reducing food intake.

A newly updated cleansing program has been launched to help clients achieve their lifestyle, nutritional and wellness goals. The 21-day program features bespoke supplements that help participants to get the necessary level of nutrients they need without having to consume large quantities of food.

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The newly updated body cleanse program includes a non-restrictive meal plan with over 50 flavorful recipes. This allows clients to experience the full weight loss benefits of the program without worrying about their food intake.

Recommended by George DiGianni, a leading health and wellness expert, the program offers well-formulated solutions with the right ingredient ratios that make each compound complimentary with each other.

He explains that while many people might be inclined to take a DIY approach to their body cleanse, a more expert-led solution can lead to better results. While there are numerous cleanse instructions online involving cleansing food, these have to be consumed in large quantities for the body to get the nutrients it needs.

Furthermore, some of these foods can’t be utilized by the body without additional help from other elements. Other DIY approaches restrict food intake, which can cause the body to go into emergency preservation mode. This makes the body hold onto fat cells for fear of running out of energy.

The 21 Day Body Makeover team explains that by starving, dieters prevent effective weight loss, but also keep the toxins trapped in their body. It’s for this reason that they aim to provide a non-restrictive meal plan as part of their program.

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The wellness experts state: “From weight loss to body rejuvenation to mental health, we built this natural digestive cleanse system to help you address all the likely problems you’ll encounter when you embark on a fitness journey. That’s because this journey requires a lifestyle change, and that means breaking unhealthy old habits and establishing new ones!”

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