Boca Raton FL Local Business Marketing Webinar Lead Generation Course Launched

Bulletproof Management of Boca Raton, FL will be holding a webinar that teaches local businesses a series of marketing strategies that can lead to greater sales.

Boca Raton, FL-based Bulletproof Management announces the launch of a webinar that teaches local businesses effective marketing tactics. Titled What The Kardashians Know About Marketing That You Don’t, this course tackles often-overlooked strategies that can drastically increase lead generation.

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The webinar is part of Bulletproof Management’s commitment to helping small businesses thrive by providing them with free resources. Rochelle Carrington, who has 15 years of marketing expertise, will serve as the host and resource person for this episode.

Carrington says that marketing is the cornerstone of business development, yet 1 in 10 small businesses do not invest in any form of marketing – and those that do often employ ineffective strategies that lead to wasted time and money.

Inspired by the meteoric rise of the Kardashians, this webinar uncovers the concrete steps one can take to build outsized influence and improve online visibility. It is especially helpful for small businesses, as they often have smaller marketing budgets and limited personnel.

Attendees will learn three key lessons that can help them generate results quickly. The first is how to leverage big brands to increase visibility and establish credibility in one’s industry.

The second lesson is about narrowing one’s focus to find and push the products or services that generate the most sales. By honing in on these winning offerings, one can increase revenues without necessarily working harder or spending more on marketing.

Lastly, the course will tackle the importance of establishing digital ubiquity, since being present in all relevant consumer touchpoints can help businesses connect with and convert potential customers.

Bulletproof Management is a leading business consultancy that specializes in up-skilling local business owners. Rochelle Carrington is a veteran marketer who has helped build seven-figure sales teams and has consulted management training firms.

Carrington says: “Success is not an accident and the Kardashians’ rise to fame is a stroke of marketing genius. As such, these unlikely gurus have a lot to teach us about creating massive influence in a short amount of time. Our webinar aims to unravel their secrets so small businesses can boost their bottom line.”

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