BOC Sciences Released A New Stable Isotope Labeling Platform

BOC Sciences announced the release of a new stable isotope labeling technology platform for the scientific community.

Recently, BOC Sciences, as one of the world’s leading chemical and pharmaceutical vendors, announced the release of a new stable isotope labeling technology platform for the scientific community.

Isotope labeling is a technique used to track isotopes (atoms with detectable neutron count changes) through reactions, metabolic pathways, or cellular pathways. This technique "marked" reactant by replacing specific atoms with their isotopes, and then makes the reactants react. The position of isotopes in the product determines the order of isotope atoms in the reaction or cellular metabolic pathway. The nuclides used in isotope labeling can be stable nuclides or radionuclides. In the latter case, the mark is called a radioactive marker.

There are many methods to detect the existence of labeled isotopes in isotope labeling, such as by detecting their mass, vibrational modes or radioactive decay. The mass difference of isotope can be detected by mass spectrometry, the difference of vibration mode of isotope can be detected by the infrared spectrum, and the radioactive decay can be detected by ionization chamber or gel autoradiography.

Applications of stable isotope labeling
Application of stable isotope labeling in the medical field
Stable isotope products have been widely used in clinical research, diagnosis and differentiation of many diseases, condition judgment, therapeutic effect evaluation, organ function research and new drug development in the medical field.

Application of stable isotope labeling in the field of life science
Stable isotope integration techniques (including isotope coding affinity labeling method (ICATTM), amino acid stable isotope labeling technique (SILAC) in fine cell culture, the absolute quantitative analysis method of target protein (AQUATM), etc. ) can be combined with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometry (MS) to study the structure and function of different protein populations. Stable isotopes are introduced into biological macromolecules (such as proteins) through the introduction of biological metabolism, enzymatic hydrolysis or chemical action. The structure diagram of biological macromolecules can be obtained by large-scale instrument analysis and molecular biology software processing.

Application of stable isotope labeling in the field of energy metabolism
The research on energy metabolism focuses on sports medicine, child nutrition, food nutrition, weight loss, astronaut diet and so on. Stable isotope tracing is one of the methods to study metabolism. The commonly used stable isotopes are 2H, 15N, 13C, 18O and so on. For example, the double-labeled water (DLW) technique with 2H and 18O labeling is a new method to evaluate human energy consumption. This method has been preliminarily applied in laboratory research and site research in the field of sports science, and it is the most accurate method to evaluate energy metabolism at present.

Application of stable isotope labeling in agricultural scientific research
Stable isotopes 15N and 13C are widely used in plant physiology and biochemistry, soil and plant nutrition, plant protection, improvement of crops such as flowers, rice, and other agricultural products, and the nitrogen cycle in grassland and so on. Most stable isotope products used in agriculture are low abundance products. Inorganic salts such as 15N-labeled urea, 15N-labeled ammonium sulfate, 15N-labeled ammonium nitrate, and 15N-labeled ammonium chloride are commonly used fertilizer tracers.

BOC Sciences provides kinds of stable isotope products and labeling services. For more information, please visit the website:

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