Bob Marley Coffee Mugs – Jamaican Reggae Legend Collectible Items Launched

An independent graphic design online shop has launched Bob Marley coffee mugs for sale as a tribute to the great musician and his contribution to music and social activism.

Independent graphic design online store Soul and Music Shirts has launched Bob Marley coffee mugs for sale as a tribute to the famous Jamaican singer and musician who made reggae music popular throughout the world.

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Soul and Music Shirts’ Bob Marley coffee mugs are part of the Reggae Legend Collective Items collection, which also includes stickers and tote bags featuring the legendary musician’s iconic image. The coffee mug and other items in the collection aim to celebrate the legacy of the music icon and to keep alive the advocacy he promoted through his music.

Bob Marley was considered one of the most influential figures in music in the last fifty years. He first became famous in his native Jamaica, then went on to become the ambassador for reggae around the world. Throughout his career, he sold more than 20 million records.

He is believed to have influenced today’s hip-hop artists, whose music is said to be rooted in reggae. Known for his social commitment during his lifetime, he continues to inspire activists who advocate for social change.

Reggae originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s. The music genre is influenced by mento, a traditional Jamaican folk music style, as well as by American jazz and rhythm and blues. It is also closely linked with the Rastafarian movement, an Afro-centric religious movement that aimed to strengthen the bonds of African ethnicities around the world.

As an advocate of Rastafarianism and Pan-Africanism, Bob Marley infused spirituality into his music to reflect these causes.

Soul and Music Shirts’ Bob Marley coffee mugs and other items in the Reggae Legend Collective Items collection are included in the online shop’s larger collection of black-culture and spirituality-inspired products. The mugs are available in five colors and are priced at $14.99.

According to Soul and Music Shirts’ designer, “Our Bob Marley Coffee Mug is perfect for smooth and sweet Jamaican coffee. It is our own way of paying tribute to Bob Marley and his contribution to reggae music, spirituality, and Pan-Africanism.”

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