Boat Rental For Fine Dining At Dockside Restaurants In Naples FL Launched

Florida boat rental company Captain Joey D Charters has made its boats available for dockside fine dining. Tourists can use the boats to visit the different on-water restaurants around Naples.

Captain Joey D Charters, a Florida boat rental company, has launched the availability of its boats for fine dining on the water in Naples. The company generally specializes in providing the best backwater/nearshore, offshore, and sightseeing adventures in Naples.

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With this newly launched service, the company is offering its boats to be rented by individuals who are looking to enjoy dockside fine dining but have no boat of their own. Several places around Naples that can be visited for the experience are The Boat House on Naples Bay, The Dock at Crayton Cove, 360Market, and Kelly’s Fish House.

Individuals who are interested in having a classical feel while dining can visit The Boat House of Naples. This on-water restaurant offers outdoor seating so customers can take in the refreshing sea air and enjoying the sound of the waves crashing while savoring their favorite meals.

This historic restaurant prides itself on providing customers with “the highest quality of ingredients, as locally as possible and when in season”. As such, the menu of the family-owned establishment changes to reflect “only the best that’s available at any given time”.

If, however, customers are more into dining on their own “catch of the day”, then they can take it to The Dock at Crayton Cove to be prepared. Customers simply need to charter a boat from Captain Joey D’s rental and visit this “place of the great Naples Canoe race” to feast on the well prepared and constructed platters available.

Though considered a more casual establishment, 360Market also offers fine dining with an extensive wine list. So, for those individuals who are looking to unwind and enjoy a glass of wine while dwelling in exclusively outdoor seating, this cafe is an ideal dockside place.

With over 70 years of providing fine dining on Gordon River, Kelly’s Fish House affords customers a generous view of dolphins traversing the waters. The family-owned and operated establishment offers a menu of what many consider the freshest Florida seafood in Naples. These include fresh-caught stone crabs, genuine Florida Gulf grouper and snapper, and Key West Mahi Mahi.

Apart from renting for dining, Captain Joey D Charters offers its boat for fishing trips, sightseeing, or just rentals for cruising around the backwaters of Naples.

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