HIN Number Search Reports Now Cover Canada Registration Checks

Share this news: HIN Number Search Reports Now Cover Canada Registration Checks as well as USA, your vessel registration and ownership history specialists, have launched updated services for boat owners, buyers, and sellers in Canada. The launch offers the boat history reporting services in CANADA as of April 2021. This service is the only one in Canada and will search all federal and provincial boat databases in Canada and USA to generate a comprehensive summary report relating to a boat’s accident history, hidden problems, and registration data (including PCL).

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Through the website, users can check everything from HIN validation and USA/Canada registration to pollution incidents and boat value, names, and auction data. The new updates to the Boat Alert site now give boat shoppers access to records for Canadian vessels, including pleasure craft licensing, at both provincial and federal level – in addition to records in the U.S.

According to the NMMA, there are over 4 million boat owners in Canada, with about 35% of the population participating in boating of some kind. 2020 saw further increases in boat purchases, in particular small boats and PWCs, due to the ongoing global health crisis.

Boat-Alert’s advanced search engine saves users the usual time it takes to trawl the web for records. Results come back instantly, arming owners with all relevant information to make informed choices about potential boat purchases.

With this edition Boat-Alert now covers over 68 public and private databases in the records they search. On top of being the only Canadian “carfax for boats”, it is the only service of its kind to offer access to the NMVTIS federal database. This means insurance salvage brands are more likely to be discovered compared to running other competitor boatfax reports. Users are able to search for HIN history and hull ID records, ensuring a potential purchase will not end up being a costly mistake. Theft records are also provided as well as auction, salvage and boat name history.

The reports can be ordered as a one-off for $19.99 or in a batch of 10 for $39.99. Customers receive a 60 day refund guarantee and 2% of all purchases goes to charity.

Operational since 2015, Boat-Alert has helped hundreds of boat buyers and sellers to make the right choices in boat transactions. The company is committed to offering owners reports at a fraction of the normal cost, based on detailed, quick searches across a full range of databases.

A spokesperson says, “Our Canadian Boat history will check your hull ID and can be a great selling tool as well. You can get a link to share on classifieds. You can give a buyer a free history report to earn their trust.”

With the expansion of their boat history checks for Canadian vessels, Boat-Alert continue to make transparency and security in boat trading accessible to everyone. For more information please visit

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