Board Meeting Minutes Management – Efficiency Tips Expert Report Launched

Board management software solutions specialists eBOARDsolutions launched a report on the 8 most crucial aspects of taking board meeting minutes, to improve board management with practical tips.

eBOARDsolutions, a board management software solutions company, have launched a full report on the 8 most important things to note in board meeting minutes. Designed to improve board management and help minute takers to efficiently cover the most crucial aspects of a board meeting, the report features practical suggestions for gathering useful data.

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The newly updated report has been put together to tackle the most common issues with board meeting minutes, from including details such as the date and time, to the type of meeting taking place.

In a fast-paced, hectic work environment, it can be easy to overlook something as simple as correctly noting details in board meeting minutes – especially when participation in the meeting itself can seem to take precedence.

Effective minute taking is a crucial aspect of board management, as the minutes are a historical account of actions taken by the board and can be used to measure progress and drive accountability. They can even offer legal protection, where required.

The report explains the most common mistakes made by minute-takers, and outlines 8 clear rules on how to structure board meeting minutes, what information to include and how to note it. Many of the tips in the report are a part of the Simbli by eBoardsolutions Webinar Series.

eBOARDsolutions’ report also provides examples of how board meeting minutes should read when recording motions and votes, showing whether motions are passed and with what majority for the historical record.

The report has been summarized in a one-pager by eBOARDsolutions, in line with the company’s commitment to deliver effective board management solutions. For more information on the report and one-pager, please visit

“There’s a lot of confusion around what the meeting minutes represent,” states the report. “The minutes are the official record of the proceedings of the organization, not a journal or a diary. Minutes should only include the actions, and a way for someone reading them five years from now to discern what took place.”

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