BMS CAT Releases Expert Guide to Water Damage Restoration and Moisture Removal

Leading water damage restoration company, BMS CAT has released and published on the company website an expert guide to the water damage restoration process for commercial businesses.

Water damage can create incredible challenges for commercial businesses who need to restore their buildings and get back in business quickly and safely. BMS CAT, one of the area’s leading water damage restoration companies, has released a guide to best practices when it comes to water removal, damage restoration, remediation and safety.

The guide is intended for anyone who may have an interest or a stake in proper water damage restoration, including insurance companies, facility managers and business owners. It provides a clear and concise step-by-step guide that is easy to follow. It makes a subject that can be difficult to understand accessible for laymen and provides a wealth of information from the knowledge that comes with years of excellent service.

Anyone who wishes can view the guide at this link on the BMS CAT website:

The comprehensive guide closely follows the guidelines set out by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regarding safety and water damage restoration remediation best practices. The ANSI produces the IICRC document, which provides the principles behind safe and ethical water damage restoration. This is a valuable document as well, as it provides the steps that a contractor should take when working in this industry. However, the BMS CAT guide is for those who need a detailed step-by-step guide for dealing with water damage restoration issues.

Amanda Schooler, Marketing Director with BMS CAT, states “we believe this professional guide will be invaluable to commercial business owners, insurance companies and homeowners who wish to understand the complete process of a professional water damage restoration project.”

The guide covers several subjects, from outlining the categories of flood water, to the types of equipment that may be used. Using the right equipment is vital, and what is right for a commercial space may not be right for industrial space, for instance. The guide also provides some common scenarios that water damage professionals encounter, and what steps should be taken to minimize risk and repair the damage properly.

Safety is a major focus of the guide. Water damage comes with a wide variety of risks and health hazards that must be taken into consideration at all times.

For more information on the guide or on water damage restoration in general, please consult the BMS CAT website at BMSCAT.Com

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