Blue Sky Amazon Seller Training – Product Selection/Automation Webinar Launched

Blue Sky Amazon, founded by Sophie Howard, has announced the launch of its Amazon seller webinar, which teaches viewers how to select winning products and start an Amazon business.

Blue Sky Amazon, an online business training company, has announced the launch of their webinar on becoming an Amazon seller. As Amazon has undergone unprecedented growth during the recent pandemic, many entrepreneurs are hoping to partner with the e-commerce giant to sell products online.

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The launch of the webinar aims to provide viewers with a blueprint for e-commerce success by partnering with Amazon.

The founder of Blue Sky Amazon, Sophie Howard, has extensive experience in e-commerce and collaborating with Amazon. The New Zealand-based entrepreneur has launched over 500 products as an Amazon seller. In her online business career, Howard has profitably sold 2 Amazon businesses, and she is now in the process of building her third.

Her success has given her unique insights into the products and marketing techniques that allow Amazon businesses to be successful. With her new webinar, Howard shares her expertise to help aspiring online entrepreneurs start Amazon businesses of their own.

The Amazon seller webinar will reveal Howard’s unique product selection strategy that she used to identify hundreds of winning products. In addition, it will detail her sourcing process and teach viewers how to form relationships with reputable suppliers.

Howard will walk viewers through the process of setting up an Amazon business, marketing a product, and launching it on the marketplace. Further, she will teach viewers how to automate their business operations and give them a series of tips to ensure that their business remains resilient in the long term.

Those who attend the webinar will also receive a complimentary ebook, entitled “101 Big Money Amazon Products.” Further, viewers can schedule a 45-minute call with an e-commerce advisor to develop a plan for the launch of their Amazon business.

An attendee of a past webinar said: “I feel a lot more self-assured in stepping out into this big, vast world of Amazon. I would highly recommend this for people who are looking for a business that they can do from their home or wherever they want.”

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