Blue Copper Capital Edmonton Office Announces New Location in Beacon Heights

The apprenticeship program created by Dave Chen of Blue Copper Capital has helped countless young people get established and started in their chosen career. Those who qualify are provided tools and transportation for their new job.

Ongoing community support has led to the expansion of Blue Copper Capital in Edmonton Alberta mainly due to their apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship program that started everything and helped launch the company back in 2006 has carried them a long way.

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Blue Copper Capital started their business based on the idea that a young person going through an apprenticeship may need assistance for tools and transportation. This idea led to numerous investors backing the company with funding and advice.

Since the inception of their first office in Calgary, they have grown to four locations. Started in Calgary Alberta in 2006, then the Edmonton Alberta office a couple years later, Vancouver BC in 2014 and the most recent in Vernon BC which opened early in 2016 and has been steadily growing since then.

With a strong presence online, a lot of their customers have been able to call for an appointment or walk into the store. Many times a representative is sent out to the clients home so they can do an assessment and determine how to best help the young apprentice get started in their new career.

Even with all the Government trades programs in place, including student loans and scholarships, many blue collar trade apprentices find it difficult to get the necessary tools and transportation for their first job, and that is where Blue Copper Capital steps in to help.

Dave Chen, President of Blue Copper Capital says: “We pride ourselves in the fact that many young people have been able to kick-start their career with our help. New tools and reliable transportation makes it much easier for them to get started on their chosen career path.”

Operating in three of the largest western Canadian cities and one of the most popular Cities in central BC, Blue Copper Capital is poised to be a leader helping students get started with a dependable career in life. For more information about the new Edmonton office location click here: Blue Copper Capital Edmonton

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