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Buscemi Family Dentistry (248-963-7997) has upgraded its services to allow for biomimetic consultations and solutions across all the treatments they provide, in order to offer better preventative care for patients seeking dental care.

The dental practice, serving Bloomfield Hills and surrounding areas, offers the upgraded service in response to patients’ demands for fewer invasive and possibly unnecessary procedures that impact their quality of life.

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Buscemi Family Dentistry, led by Dr. Vincent Buscemi, DDS, one of the leading experts in the field of biomimetic dentistry, now works with families on treatments to preempt the need for major dental work such as root canal treatments or tooth extractions in the future. If substantial dental work or cosmetic enhancements are required, Dr. Buscemi employs his biomimetic expertise to ensure that everything is done as naturally and efficiently as possible.

Biomimetic dental approaches are gaining traction, thanks to a solid basis of scientific data and clinical effectiveness. Biomimetic dentistry maintains – or restores, naturally – the strength of weak, broken, and decaying teeth while also protecting them against bacterial invasion. Biomimetic dentistry significantly reduces the need for crowns and harmful root canal therapy.

One of the ways Dr. Buscemi uses biomimetic dentistry techniques is to treat teeth with large cavities, as well as prevent root canals in badly decayed or infected teeth. In a typical root canal procedure, the inflamed/infected pulp at the center is removed. After the inside of the tooth has been cleaned and disinfected, it is filled and sealed before a crown is applied to the tooth.

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With biomimetic techniques, however, as long as the tooth is asymptomatic, Dr. Buscemi will only seal the nerve after cleaning: this approach prevents a much higher percentage of teeth with large cavities from requiring both root canals and crowns. Typically, the tooth’s infection is addressed with antibiotics and no larger doses of medications are required.

Buscemi Family Dentistry offers cleanings and other preventive services that extend the life of patients’ natural teeth. The practice provides general dental care, as well as cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental procedures. Dr. Buscemi completed his dental training at the University of Michigan and his advanced training in cosmetic dentistry at the prestigious Ross Nash Institute for Dental Education.

One patient commented: “Dr. Buscemi is an amazing dentist and will always do everything in his power to make things perfect. His staff is very friendly and well educated and make sure I know what’s going on. I look forward to going to the dentist because of his office.”

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