Blog Series Unveils the What’s, When’s and Why’s of Chinese New Year 2015

"16 interesting facts about the Lunar New Year and more.This is the only series you will ever need to read to know more about the Chinese and how they celebrate their New Year,” author exclaims.

Christmas is over, and so is the New Year, but for the billions of people around the globe, another event is brimming on the horizon.

The Year of the Goat, as according to the Chinese lunar calendar, will be arriving on the 19th of February (Thursday), and preparations are underway to usher in this New Year.

Other than the official 1.3 billion mainland Chinese who will be reuniting with their families to celebrate this grand event, the estimated 50 million overseas Chinese worldwide will also be holding their own festivities, making this singular occasion one of the most celebrated in the ongoing history of mankind.

Yet, the joy, fun and games that typify this Spring Festival are not the purview of just the Chinese alone.

Instead – as according to author, content creator and ex-teacher, Lin-Cher Lee – the Lunar New Year represents the collective need to “give and receive goodwill”, and the opportunity to “celebrate those universal qualities that make us human while acknowledging those traits that make us unique”.

It is in this spirit of giving, receiving and sharing that the Chinese New Year blog series was launched.

In a previous press release, Lee explained how the world has become so globalised that “somehow, somewhere, you must have a co-worker, a friend or a neighbour who is a Chinese preparing to celebrate Chinese New Year” and why he has decided to publish a series of blog posts that feature the obvious and not-so-obvious facts about the event.

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Written with the Western reader in mind, the series will leave no stone unturned, covering topics such as the date when Chinese New Year 2015 begins, appropriate gifts for children and adults during the Spring Festival period, as well as the correct zodiac animal of reference for Chinese New Year 2015.

“Trust me; it’s got nothing to do with the Sheep.”

To read all the posts in the series, click here.

Featuring videos that capture the spirit of the season, while writing in his humorous and often irreverent style, Lee brings to life his understanding of what makes Chinese New Year tick, while offering readers tips and advice on how to enjoy the season fully.

As a value-add to all his readers, Lee is also offering to answer any question related to Chinese New Year.

“Just send me an email through the contact form on my blog. I will answer your question to the best of my knowledge.”

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About is the personal blog of Lin-Cher Lee, an author, content creator, publishing consultant and ex-teacher who has spent the bulk of his life pursuing understanding of the Eastern arts and paths. He is also the author of Xing Yi (Hsing I) Kung Fu for Success, where he brings to life the essence of Xingyiquan (Hsing I Ch’uan) through his humorous – often irreverent – interpretation of historical events, practices and personalities within the art.

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