Blog Post Announces Lunchtime Talks on MediShield Life for Singapore Companies

“Talks are part of a greater initiative to update companies and their staff about the implications of MediShield Life,” CEO reveals.

A blog post has announced the launch of lunchtime talks on MediShield Life; and employers, CEOs and Human Resource Directors have been invited to engage the Financial Consultants of SingCapital Pte Ltd to give these talks.

The blog post, entitled “Free Lunch Talk: How to Benefit from MediShield Life”, formally pronounces the launch of the initiative by SingCapital Financial Consultants to educate companies and their staff members about the healthcare implications of MediShield Life.

The talks, which cover topics such as “What is MediShield Life?” and “What is an Integrated Shield Plan?”, will be conducted at a time and place arranged by the client.

The talks and the blog post are part of a larger initiative offering information about MediShield Life, a national health and medical insurance scheme protecting 3.9 million citizens and permanent residents of the island state of Singapore.

In an earlier press statement, Alfred Chia – CEO of SingCapital Pte Ltd – explained his rationale for the initiatives:

“As an MAS-licenced financial advisory firm, we aim to complement the government’s efforts at educating the public about MediShield Life.”

“The talks are part of a greater initiative to update companies and their staff about the implications of MediShield Life. They are provided free as a value-added service by SingCapital,” Chia revealed.

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Other than engaging SingCapital Financial Consultants for the lunchtime talks, employers, human resource practitioners and business owners can also obtain information about MediShield Life that has been tailored to companies and organisations by visiting the About MediShield Life website.

According to Chia, much of the information available is catered to the individual, and not the organisation. The About MediShield Life website strives to fill the gap, and casts the information out there from the human resource perspective.

To know more about MediShield Life from the human resource perspective, visit

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