BlocPal Allows Fiat Currency Withdrawals in USD, CAD and EUR

BlocPal, users can now convert five major cryptocurrencies into USD, CAD or EUR and withdraw the chosen fiat currency directly to their bank accounts.

BlocPal is excited to announce the addition of EUR to its growing list of supported fiat currencies. The innovative multi-currency blockchain platform now allows users to convert supported cryptocurrencies into CAD, USD, and EUR currencies for users in selected countries and withdraw them directly to their bank accounts.

BlocPal works with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Litecoin, with more supported crypto and fiat currencies on the way. As BlocPal grows, users can expect to find more than 35 different cryptocurrencies supported on its easy-to-use platform, as well as integrating support in more than 120 countries and compatibility with 50 international currencies.

Offering the next generation in digital asset management, BlocPal makes it easier for individuals to buy and sell products using both cryptocurrency and fiat. To withdraw fiat currency using BlocPal, simply connect the platform to a personal bank account, or to a company account if you’re a merchant, and swap your cryptocurrency for fiat. It’s that easy.

Committed to providing easier conversions from crypto to fiat, BlocPal offers new users a $1,000 limit on all transactions, and will raise limits to individuals on a case-by-case basis. Over time, limits will be raised for all BlocPal users, enabling more people to convert their favorite cryptocurrencies into fiat in larger sums.

Another advantage BlocPal offers platforms with offering similar services is its fees structure. Because BlocPal uses ACH for transactions in the United States, the fees are much lower than traditional exchanges—averaging at $1.80 for a transaction. Processing time takes between 24-48 hours, but same-day service is also available for a premium charge of $12.80 for anyone who needs to immediately send or receive money.

Visit the BlocPal website today to learn more about BlocPal and how it can be used to enhance the way businesses and individuals manage money. Be sure to check back periodically, as the website is consistently updated to add new information regarding fees, supported currencies, and other developments.

Download the wallet directly from the Google Play store and iTunes App Store. Also, stay up to date with news surrounding BlocPal’s development and the release of exciting new features by joining the official BlocPal Telegram group.

About BlocPal

BlocPal is a Vancouver based FinTech company dedicated to the mission of “Blockchain Payments Done Right”. The BlocPal platform includes an integrated blockchain, an enterprise level back office together with both merchant and consumer software solutions. Interested parties can find more information on our website or downloading our app for their Android or Apple devices.

Release ID: 472630