Blocking & Accountability Service Through Covenant Eyes – Report Released

Adult-rated internet sites can negatively affect healthy family life and personal relationships. Covenant Eyes is a blocking service that can help individuals and families avoid these sites.

Adult material, inappropriate for children, can simply appear in sidebar ads, leading to adult sites. HomeschoolingPro has released a report on a way individuals and families can successfully take an offensive position against this. This is of particular interest to those who have school age children, grandchildren, or are custodians of children.

When it comes to adult-rated material, what about its effect on children? That it is damaging to adults and families is established. The challenge is to protect children while they are growing, and teach them of the dangers, so by the time they reach the age of adulthood, they have established habits of avoiding it permanently. Not only that, by teaching children about these dangers, it can help them avoid becoming victims of predators who exist on Facebook and other social media sites.

An effective way of dealing with this problem is through the use of Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes is a site blocking, filtering, and accountability service. It monitors images on devices and sends a report to a trusted friend who is an ally.

In the case of children, that could be the parents or designated caregiver. In the case of adults, it can be the marital partner or a trusted friend.

Here is a short summary video of the problem:

These sites are hooks that snare adults and children alike into a destructive lifestyle. Covenant Eyes helps men, women, and families to proactively avoid certain sites.

Over one-half million reports are sent each week to allies. These reports unlock the door to honest discussions that help people break free. There are also free educational resources available to participants.

Explicit images of whatever is questionable are not sent to allies. Those images are heavily blurred before being sent. There is a blocking service available as well that blocks known sex sites.

Having a family accountability plan is an excellent way to deal with the free access that children currently have to the internet. While it cannot solve problems of a child using a friend’s phone, it can cover all of a family’s devices. It creates the opportunity for discussions of the dangers of visiting certain websites. It helps equip the child to deal with friends and other situations that expose them to improper images. Children (and adults) can become knowledgeable as to making wise choices and choosing their friends wisely.

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