Blockchain Facial Recognition Billboard Targeted Advertising Project Announced

Bidooh announced its official ICO and whitepaper launch. The platform allows hyper-targeted billboard advertising based on cutting-edge facial recognition technology.

Bidooh, the world’s first decentralized facial recognition advertising billboard, is set to revolutionize the advertising industry by allowing companies to run highly targeted ads that are custom displayed according to the demographic profile of each viewer. Based on a series of pre-selected criteria – such as age, gender, height, or even clothing color – the Bidooh billboard displays only relevant adverts, thus significantly increasing overall advertising efficiency.

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Though worth more than $34 billion per year, the global billboard market still faces a series of important challenges in terms of advertising costs associated with middlemen, hard-to-assess targeting efficiency, and vulnerability to fraud. By using blockchain technology as the foundation for the development of a decentralized billboard advertising platform, Bidooh aims to provide a superior alternative that has a strong potential to revolutionize the industry.

According to the official website of the platform, “Bidooh has developed its own intelligent and automated digital billboard advertising platform built in the cloud that will leverage blockchain technology to address each of these challenges and more. Now, for the first time, advertisers, publishers and consumers can all benefit from a truly global and accessible digital advertising platform.”

The platform’s primary advantage over other traditional billboard advertising is the successful implementation of facial recognition technology – a key element which offers far more precise ad targeting while lowering overall advertising costs.

Using the Bidooh app, advertisers create custom ads and choose their target audience based on a wide series of intelligent demographics. The platform allows a high degree of display personalization, offering advertisers the change to target consumers based on factors ranging from age, gender and ethnicity to the color of their clothes, body shape, and even facial hair.

The Bidooh ICO is currently live, investors benefiting from an initial bonus for purchasing DOOH tokens.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

Release ID: 449453